Monday, October 1, 2012

Christmas Challenge: Day 1 - 7

Week 1 of NoFap
I want to have a life without masturbation. That's why I've decided to start with NoFap for 90 days which should end roughly when Christmas rolls around (hence the Christmas challenge). I have decided to start this challenge last week (on September 26th) for a number of reasons.

Things I've Noticed
Surprisingly so far, things haven't been too bad. Most people would agree that the first week is the worst,  however so far I have not had too much of a problem. Of course in the past when attempting to try NoFap, the first week was absolutely hectic. I was getting random erections and I was aroused by completely everything that was living.

Despite my past experience, things haven't been too difficult. Hopefully it stays that way.

Thankfully this did not happen.

 Benefits I Have Noticed
I have definitely noticed an increase of energy. Perhaps that is due to the increase of testosterone levels. Regardless, it feels like I doubled the amount of energy I previously had. With this energy I am able to do more work and focus a lot more. I've read this is a huge benefit for mostly everyone.

Another benefit I have noticed is my attraction to the opposite gender has gone way up. One of the reasons why I'm doing this challenge is that I want to have more successful relationship with my girlfriend. I want to focus all of my sexual energy on her instead of fapping out to porn once or twice a day. She deserves my attention and the physical aspect of a relationship is a huge factor to success relationship.

Drawbacks I Have Noticed
First major drawback I saw was definitely blue balls. Late in the week, due to some "various circumstances", I got major blue balls. Normally I would just masturbate and I would be relieved. That was NOT an option. I had to struggle through the night and boy was it a struggle. I was seriously contemplating just to masturbate to relieve the pain, but I knew it wouldn't be worth it in the long run. By morning I was completely okay.

A second drawback was a major increase of being horny. Now, this is typically a problem especially when I am trying to work or when I am just waking up. It was at these times where I was weakest , but don't let these times demoralize you. If you fail at these times, just keep trying. That is the most important part.

Tip of the week: When you're completely horny, do something distracting or productive to get your mind off of masturbating. 

Day 1 - 7 has been a success and I hope will complete this Christmas challenge. I am certain some days will be an absolute struggle for me (and anyone else attempting this Christmas challenge), but we just need stay strong and determined. I'll keep you guys updated, stay tuned.

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Introduction to NoFap!

What is NoFap?
NoFap, simply said, is the act of not masturbating for a set amount of time. On reddit, there is a subpage  called NoFap. This is where NoFap became popular. Most people attempt to do 90 days of no masturbation.

Why would anyone in their right minds do such a thing? Masturbating is free and it feels good!
Yes both of those are indeed true. In fact I don't think most people would have any issue with masturbating in moderation every so often. However, since masturbating is free and it feels good, for some people that can be quite addicting. Masturbation in excess may cause various problems.

Well if masturbating causes problems, why aren't there hundreds of studies on it?
The human body is infinitely complex and everyone is slightly different. You could say the NoFap subreddit is a an "unscientific" case study on the effects of not masturbating, both positive and negative. Again, people vary and some people are more prone to addictions than others. All I know is that there seems to be an apparent trend that masturbation causes some problems for some people, including myself.

Okay so what are some of these benefits and drawbacks of not masturbating?
Glad you asked. Typically, not masturbating gives different benefits and drawbacks for everyone. Some common benefits ones include (some that I've noticed too):
-Increase in confidence
-Increase in testosterone
-Decrease in depression
-Brain "fog" lifted
-Increase in focus
-Increase in attraction to opposite gender
-Decrease in Erectile Dysfunction (ED)

Some common drawbacks include (which I've personally dealt with):
-Random erections
-Wet dreams (which may or may not be a good thing for some people)
-Blue balls (personally this can be a killer for me when I'm out with the ladies)
-Increase in arousal and being horny (again this can be good or bad depending on the situation)

Now, this list is the tip of the iceberg and I'll go more in depth about the benefits and draw backs of NoFap in a later post. I've read that after not masturbating for 90 days, some people can "command" women to have sex with them at will (I'd take that with a grain of salt). I've also read that not masturbating doesn't really do anything except raise sex drive. Again, NoFap affects people differently.

Christmas is coming.

So why write this blog?
I've attempted NoFap myself in the past. I've reached 21 days and failed because breaking an addiction is very tricky. However, the affects that I noticed were phenomenal. Then again this is coming from some one who masturbated at least once a day.

I am making this blog to journal down my progress for 90 days, which should be roughly when Christmas rolls around. Let's make it a Christmas Challenge. By making this blog, I will be held accountable to make the 90 day stretch. Also, I think it would be interesting for you to read the changes in me week by week and to see what happens. I encourage and urge you to join in the Christmas Challenge along with me. Things will get interesting :) Stay tuned.